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  • How to Discover “Native Genius” – Taking action on Multipliers

    How to Discover “Native Genius” – Taking action on Multipliers

    This is a follow up on my previous blog post, the 4 Key leadership learnings from Multipliers. On Monday this week, Adam organised a “Native Genius” session for one of our Bluewire Media monthly meetings. It was a cracker! In fact it is probably one […]

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  • Tribes by Seth Godin

    Heretics + Followers – Blind Sheep = Obligation

    Tribes, by Seth Godin What’s it about? In Seth’s words: A tribe is a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader and connected to an idea. This is a Small Book (about tribes) with a Big Idea: You, Me, Everyone has […]

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  • Multipliers - Liz Wiseman

    4 key leadership learnings from “Multipliers” (by Liz Wiseman)

    The premise of Multipliers written by Liz Wiseman, is that any leader can be placed on a spectrum between being a Multiplier (good) and being a Diminisher (bad). (If you’re interested in finding out your style, try this questionnaire.) What is a Multiplier? “A leader […]

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